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Worksite Financial Wellness

UYW Worksite financial wellness

~Partner with you to support financial wellness in the workplace.~
We provide unique financial behavior-based solutions rather than product-driven packages to make real impact on your employee’s financial wellness, help employees build confidence and improve their overall financial situation, as well as help employers resolve important employees priorities. Our effective UYW Worksite Financial wellness is partner with you to co-create the bespoke & engaged wellness programs to fit into your organisational culture, drive clear business value, provide support to meet employees’ needs, and create meaningful and effective improvements in the workplace.

What we cover

Budget & Saving

A well-designed budget management set a solid foundation for your financial wellbeing and can help you reduce stress and focus on what matters the most to you in life. Whether you are saving for a holiday, the wedding, a home deposit or simply saving for raining days, we are here to help!

Debt management

Got student loan, credit card debt or personal loans that you just can't shake off? Paying off debt is definitely possible, but it needs well-thought strategies. We guide you techniques to pay down debt quicker, improve your credit rating, and get your life back in order.

Financial independence

Want to be in control of your finance but don't know where to start? Want to have a say in financial decisions but don't feel like you know enough? We guide you how to take charge of your own finance, Learn how to make smart financial decisions, have everything covered, and be truly financial independent!

Goal-setting & secure future

Worried about whether you can put food on the table, a roof over your family's heads? Worried about not having enough to secure your future? It's the fear of unknown and uncertainty get us up in the middle of the night. We are here to help you clarify your goals, learn how to cope with expecting and unforeseen events, and draw a clear roadmap with you to get you where you want to go in life!

Money harmony

Why can't we talk about money? Why do our money conversations always end up in tears and arguments? Money is #1 stressor in our relationships! We help you uncover the underlying causes for the financial conflict in your relationship, learn how to communicate with each other about money in a compassionate and constructive way, and maintain a healthy stress free relationship.

~Partner with you to support financial wellness in the workplace.~

How does uyw worksite Financial Wellness work?

Worksite Financial wellness programs differ from organization to organization and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We are here to assist you and design  an effective financial wellness programs to fit into your workforce’s unique needs.


There nothing more important to understand about the nature and the state of your business, and how your financial wellness strategies current support your mission and vision (if applicable). We think strategically just like you on how to to set vision, policy, ensure resource, support implementation, integrate with other entities, and how to communicate to ensure your ROI is effective.


We dive in to understand the culture, the employee's dynamic, the risk management, and co-create wellness culture, develop wellness policies to fit into the company's compliance standard, define value-based incentive & benefits, set benchmarks, and draft the communication with you to send the message across the board.


There's no one size fits all! Therefore, we look at the company matrix and identify what needs to be fixed, the level of risk management, set up touch points to assess and change behavior, and broadly look at society influence behavior through broad and overlapping mechanisms to support the effective transformations to your employee's financial well-being.


This is the moment of truth! Through the process of discussion and planning, we help you implement the programs into the workplace. We set the following with you:

  • Program rules and/or requirements.
  • Registrations & orientation process
  • Tracking systems
  • Necessary forms and others


In this stage, we get down to details and set the norms with you:

  • Participants’ processes
  • Participants’ goal settings
  • Participants’ skill-building
  • Support systems
  • Monitor participants’ progression and engagement, and evaluation matrix


We work with you to define the industry benchmarks that must be reaches to be successful, embed the programs into your performance matrix and evidence that you find most creditable, and help you to measure key activities, and key outcomes you aspire to achieve. We monitor the progress throughout the life of the program and the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes, and justify the program’s existence and budget with you.

What we do

Online private consultation

Money is a taboo subject and people do whatever it takes to avoid talking about it.  Yet remaining silent is one of the key reasons for employees to feel stressed or overwhelmed with their personal finance. And that’s why  traditional programs that only provide  group sessions may not work everyone.  So we also provide On site or online private consultation.

Interactive Webinars/Sessions

Interactive webinars/sessions are created to provide hands on experience, step-by-step  actions, and covering specific topics which can be also tailored to your requirements. The workshops are best run in 1 hour blocks on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.  We can also tailor the webinars/sessions to fit your needs.

We work with wellness providers, profit & non-profit organizations and governments to design bespoke financial wellness programs!

Reach out to get more information on all of our programs.