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The Wounded

May be described as…

  • Living in the past and blaming their financial woes on external factors
  • Passive-aggressive
  • Entitled
  • Appearing powerless and needing to be taken care of – but this may be a conscious or subconscious ploy to get others to do for them what they refuse to do for themselves
  • Having excuses for not being more successful
  • Always looking for someone to rescue them, because they believe they have suffered enough.
  • The Wounded is usually someone who has suffered great loss, or has been betrayed or abused. They haven’t processed their pain and so it has turned on them.

Strengths and talents

  • Trusting
  • Hidden strength and experience


  • “I’m entitled to it!”
  • “I’ve paid my dues! Where’s my reward?”

Challenges/ weakness

  • Prone to blaming others
  • Highly emotional
  • Living in the past
  • Financially irresponsible
  • Seeking to be rescued
  • Feeling powerless
  • Resentful
  • Unforgiving
  • Living out a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Addictive

Lesson to learn

  • How to understand and heal from their past wounds.
  • Understand that spiritual transformation will come when they can see how to use their past experience as a catalyst and tool for change.

Ultimate life goal / core desire

  • Free from the suffer within

Greatest fear

  • Betrayal