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Group Coaching Program

Free Yourself 2019 – Financial Happiness Group Coaching Program

Based on the strategies I used to pay off a debt of $100k USD in 18 months, the Financial Happiness Transformation is a known for helping women to change their money mindset and free themselves from financial stress.

Developing a healthy relationship with money is one of the most powerful ways you can make your dreams come true, but I know an intensive, one-on-one coaching program is not within everyone’s reach. 

I want more women to have access to the abundant life they deserve! So I’ve taken my proven, step-by-step tools and coaching framework and created a shorter group program, where I will guide you to drive your own mindset transformation, alongside other like-minded women. 

Over 5 weeks, in a safe and supportive online group environment, we will work together to have you feeling empowered, successful and free.

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