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Business & Money Consulting

As a business & money coach, I have the luxury working with so many amazing female professionals. 

Female professionals choose to run their business for various reasons, but the most common reasons I heard of are: 

  1. They want to run their business aligned with their own value
  2. They want to pursue their own passion in life
  3. They want to live a purposeful and meaningful life
  4. They want to spend more time with their family… and so on

And the most common worries they all have are:

  1. I need more visibility
  2. I need to do more promotions
  3. I need to do more actions on social media
  4. I need more staff
  5. I need more sales


There are millions of things to do in business, but where to start?

I know that not everyone wants to commit to a coaching program! That’s why we offer an unique and effective Business & Money consulting service for you! If you are female professionals who want to build a thriving soulful business and live the abundant life, and you’d like to know what areas you can focus on at this point in business, then this Business & Money assessment is for you!

Please take the time to complete the following assessment and the money type quiz, and our consultant will contact you within 72 hours. Thank you!

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