Workplace Financial Wellness Services Incorporating

Corporate Consulting

Financial wellness programs differ from organization to organization and there’s no ‘one size fits all’, and we are here to assist you to design  effective financial wellness programs to […]

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Lunch & Learn Sessions / Workshops

Lunch and Learn sessions are delivered over breakfast, lunchtime or evenings to deliver short and sharp, boost, and energetic learning experience. The sessions involve presentation/financial literacy sessions (your special […]

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Keynote Speaking

I’m passionate about sharing stories, inspiring and empowering people to have a great relationship with money, be in charge of their finance and enjoy their abundant life. Please let […]

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Private Consultation

Money is a taboo subject that people do whatever it takes to avoid talking about it, yet, remaining silent is one of the key reasons for employees to feel […]

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Business Consulting and Coaching Services Incorporating

Business consulting

This specialised 24-week program combines business and money mindset coaching to help female entrepreneurs realise their dreams of running a successful business, while living the abundant life they deserve.

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Private Coaching

Are you constantly stressed about money? Feeling frustrated that despite being hard-working, driven, intelligent and committed to excelling at work, you’re still not where you want to be financially? […]

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Group Coaching

Free Yourself 2019 – Financial Happiness Group Coaching Program Based on the strategies I used to pay off a debt of $100k USD in 18 months, the Financial Happiness […]

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