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One-On-One Coaching Program

Are you constantly stressed about money?

Feeling frustrated that despite being hard-working, driven, intelligent and committed to excelling at work, you’re still not where you want to be financially?

Or perhaps a major life change has left you feeling stuck. As women we devote so much of our lives to caring for others that experiences like having children, getting divorced or losing a loved one can leave us feeling powerless and wondering if you we will ever be able to afford a life that we love.

Money is so much more than just finances. It is deeply connected to our emotions and beliefs about ourselves, our relationships and our freedom. I first became aware of how these underlying beliefs affect our behaviour and our financial positions when I nearly had to declare bankruptcy at age 31.

I developed a set of strategies that enabled me to pay off a debt of $100k USD in 18 months, and I have since used those strategies to help hundreds of women transform their lives too (read my story here). And now I have pulled them all together into a tailored, step-by-step, intensive one-on-one coaching program that I know will have you feeling empowered, successful and free.

Over 16 weeks, I will give you all the tools, techniques and support you need to:

  • Understand your core, underlying beliefs about money and how they are affecting your behaviour and financial position
  • Envision your future and find your core values
  • Understand your finances, manage your debt and identify opportunities to generate more income
  • Develop a tailored, easy-to-follow financial plan and identify the actions you can take to remove your road-blocks to success
  • Find your inner strength and rewire your beliefs.

Each week we will focus on one topic and you will have an action to complete that will move you closer to your new financial reality. I will be there for you every step of the way – guiding you, cheering you on, answering your questions and celebrating your successes!

Coaching is conducted online via Zoom, with flexibility to suit your busy schedule.

Contact me to book your Financial Happiness Transformation!

It is normal and natural to worry about the future, and our ability to provide a happy and comfortable life for ourselves. But I truly believe that you can live the life of freedom and abundance you’ve always dreamt about. I would love to walk through the uncertainty with you, so that you can finally tackle the underlying beliefs that are holding you back from unleashing your potential.

Imagine feeling peace of mind when you thought about money, instead of stress and worry. Imagine having the confidence to know that you were side-stepping your roadblocks to success, and fast-tracking your journey to financial freedom and happiness!

If you are ready to commit to completely changing your life, contact me here to book!


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I also run a suite of financial wellness workshops, designed to tackle the major financial worries that we face in life as women. Find out more about my latest events here.

Flexibility To Suit Your Lifestyle

Coaching is conducted online via Zoom, with flexibility to suit your busy schedule.

Contact me to book your Financial Happiness Transformation!