Free Yourself 2019 - fINANCIAL hAPPINESS coaching program

Seriously. Take a couple of seconds, close your eyes, and see if you can picture what life would be like if you didn’t have to worry about money.

Can you do it?

Many women can’t. I mean, having more money means working even harder, right? And how is that possible, if you ever want time to enjoy your life?

Well… what if I told you your money problems are all in your head?

You probably wouldn’t believe me. That’s ok, I wouldn’t have believed me either, back when I first started this journey! But the truth is, 90% of our decision making happens in our subconscious mind. You could be the smartest, hardest working woman in the world, but if you don’t address what’s going on deep in your subconscious, you’re never going to find the peace you want so badly.

Imagine never having to feel stressed about money again.

In just five weeks, you could be back in control of your life again.

Imagine kicking off 2020 with a clear plan, feeling excited and confident about your goals! Think about how much energy you’ll have, with the weight of that mounting debt off your shoulders. What could you achieve?

Are you ready to stop worrying about money and start taking back control of your life?

One Time Payment

$649 $590
  • Ten live group coaching sessions* (2 per week) with Winnie and a small group of smart, ambitious women just like you
  • One private coaching session with Winnie to really dig into your unique potential
  • Access to the video recordings so that you can rewatch or catch up later
  • The Financial Happiness Worksheets, plus a range of useful templates and checklists to make the whole process simple and fun
  • The Money Mindset Workbook, plus a range of useful templates and checklists to make the whole process simple and fun
  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook community for ongoing support and accountability
  • An installment arrangement of AU$129.80pw x 5 weeks can be arranged. If this works better for you, please contact me directly at [email protected]

My Guarantee

I am confident that if you show up for this program and do the work, your life will be transformed for the better. So much so, that if you get to the end, complete all assignments, but still don’t feel like the investment was worth it - I will happily give you a full refund.

“Winnie is amazing!

Her unique combination of mindset coaching and financial expertise completely transformed my life – from stress and uncertainty to clarity, focus, peace and abundance!”

Hannah, Coaching Client

“I no longer have the constant fear that has followed me around for years.

Winnie helped me gain a much deeper understanding of my unconscious habits, beliefs and behaviors that have landed me in financial stress time and time again, leaving me feeling anxious whenever the topic of money or finance was brought up.

Her depth of knowledge and approach from financial, spiritual and psychological sides, and her absolute integrity made me feel immediately comfortable and allowed me to be 100% honest in my answers. We have certainly broken ground and made some giant leaps forward. I feel much more certain and capable that I can make the best financial decisions for my family every day.

Winnie’s money coaching gave me a personal, common-sense approach to changing for good, and I now see my future in a much more positive light.”

Brooke, Coaching Client

I have regained my energy and hope.

I was surprised at just how powerful Winnie’s sessions were. Using both spiritual and scientific methods, she helped me dig out the root causes of my challenges and helped show me the way to a brighter future.

A good listener and an encouraging person, Winnie has helped me to more deeply know myself and move to a positive state of mind. If you are facing financial challenges, I highly recommend Winnie as your money coach!”

Emily, Coaching Client