Do you suffer from money anxiety disorder?

While not yet an official psychiatric diagnosis, therapists have started exploring what’s colloquially known as “money anxiety disorder,” or MAD. Some of the ‘symptoms’ people may experience include: Overspending – “Over-spenders often find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle. They’re nervous about money. The freedom of going on a shopping spree offers temporary relief from the anxiety. But of course, in the end, shopping only makes the anxiety worse.” Frugality to a fault – “Some people are so anxious about future living expenses that they don’t even spend the bare minimum on themselves. This “Depression-era mentality” might sound thrifty and even admirable, but it often has a dark side. Not only do under-spenders miss out on life’s joys, like vacations or comfortable homes, but money hoarders might not even spend the necessary amount on home repairs or health care.” Read the full article here: money moneyanxiety financialwellbeing financialwellness financialgoals financialstress financialpeace financialfreedom