Creating financial security program results in motivated employees

“In a survey conducted by APA, 62% of surveyed consider money as a perennial stressor. And there are numerous studies on stress and its relation to productivity. Stress about fiscal problems causes employees to lose focus and is the no.1 distraction from work. Also, when people are stressed for a long time, they are prone to experience health problems such as anxiety, depression, or sleeping disorders. This leads to absenteeism, lack of motivation and a decrease in overall productivity. When employees have financial stability, they are happy. And when they are happy, they are motivated. The financialwellness of employees means a happy and productive workplace. And what follows, strong and stable business with a steady income. …Creating financialsecurity programs results in motivated employees, the ability to hire and maintain top talents, and creating a happy and satisfying work environment. If, as a project manager or a leader you will take care of your employees’ financial stability, it will result in better work performance.” Continue reading article: