As a Financial Wellness Specialist l Speaker l Workshop Facilitator l Author, I help corporate develop customized and strategic Financial Resilience Programs to:

  • enhance employee productivity,
  • enhance staff retention and
  • reduce sick/personal leaves due to financial stress and so
  • increase the business revenue.

“According to the AMP’s Financial Wellness report 2019, there are currently 2.44 million Australians suffering from financial stress and this is having a significant impact on the economy, costing Australian businesses an estimated $31.1 billon per year in lost revenue.”

Stress impacts our physical and mental health, and our ability to do our best work. By building financial resilience in your employees or members, you are not only helping them to secure their financial future, but improving the overall productivity or your organisation.

As a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Money Coach, my corporate Financial Resilience Programs combine financial education and behaviour-based coaching to have your employees or members feeling confident and empowered when it comes to their finances.


#Keynote Speaking

#Workshop Facilitate 

#Group/Private Transformation Coaching Program

#On-site Service

#Coordinate Workshops/Events with other professions

# Money Mindset Quiz (Find your money personalities in less than 10 mins) – I also designed a unique tool to identify individual’s money personalities and the reflection of their current financial wellness.
With this tool, it will compliment the existing tools (client profile, file note & Risk Profile) and achieve the following goals:
1. Know Your Clients – Support financial services professions to build rapport, grow your business by increasing the success rate and profitability, and scale your business by having a higher retention.
2. Improve Staff Retention – Support corporate identify the ‘why’ in staff to inspire/motivate them to drive their success.
3. Provide holistic Wellness Approach – Support Wellness professions to expand their scope to assist clients with their behavioral financial issues as well as couple’s money conflicts.

To find out more about my tailored workshops and coaching packages, please contact me here.

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