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Consulting & Coaching Services

Financial Transformation

~Free yourself from financial stress and enjoy life again.~

Unblock Your Wealth (UYW) consultants are here to give you that confidence and emotional relief. All certified UYW consultants are trained to help you better manage your day-to-day finances, make informed financial decisions, and effectively navigate your financial future. 

What we cover

Budget & Saving

A well-designed budget management set a solid foundation for your financial wellbeing and can help you reduce stress and focus on what matters the most to you in life. Whether you are saving for a holiday, the wedding, a home deposit or simply saving for raining days, we are here to help!

Debt management

Got student loan, credit card debt or personal loans that you just can't shake off? Paying off debt is definitely possible, but it needs well-thought strategies. We guide you techniques to pay down debt quicker, improve your credit rating, and get your life back in order.

Financial independence

Want to be in control of your finance but don't know where to start? Want to have a say in financial decisions but don't feel like you know enough? We guide you how to take charge of your own finance, Learn how to make smart financial decisions, have everything covered, and be truly financial independent!

Goal-setting & secure future

Worried about whether you can put food on the table, a roof over your family's heads? Worried about not having enough to secure your future? It's the fear of unknown and uncertainty get us up in the middle of the night. We are here to help you clarify your goals, learn how to cope with expecting and unforeseen events, and draw a clear roadmap with you to get you where you want to go in life!

Money harmony

Why can't we talk about money? Why do our money conversations always end up in tears and arguments? Money is #1 stressor in our relationships! We help you uncover the underlying causes for the financial conflict in your relationship, learn how to communicate with each other about money in a compassionate and constructive way, and maintain a healthy stress free relationship.

thriving business

Have you run out of steam on motivating yourself? Have you been feeling stressed about never-ending tasks and frustrated that you don't see yourself and the business ahead of the game as planned? Running a business is a challenge! And you need someone to take a helicopter view for you, work with you to find tune to run a thriving and profitable business and share your passion to the world!


How does UYW Financial Wellness work?

Financial Transformation programs differ from individual to individual and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. That’s why we are here to assist you by walking through the process and design an effective financial wellness programs to fit into your unique needs.

1. Discovery

The first stage of the process is crucial! We get to know where you are at and how you got here, we identify your intention and help you frame your reasons (your WHY) as your objective.
We also encourage you to draw your blueprint of your future and guide you to link the dots together along the way.

2. Self-Awareness

The majority of time in this stage is to try to put all the puzzles together. We dive in deep with you to trace the origin of your core and underlying belief system about money origin. If the core beliefs no longer serve you, then we work with you to rewire your money mindset.

3. Motivation

Identify your unique talent & potential is one of the favorite things our consultants love to do! When your passion, talent, unique skillset and traits are identified, valued, owned by you, the tables are turned! You get the capacity to make impact for your present and future.

4. Develop toolkit & skillsets

In this technology burst era, it's not so much about how much you don't know, it's about the skill to pick the accurate and suited information to suit your personal circumstances. Success requires you to equip right set of tools, that's why, in this stage, we help you gain the skills and techniques to develop new ways of being.

5. Build resilience

Common sense is neither common nor sense if you know know what it is. During the whole process, we track on your development and growth, we strengthen your financial muscles, and we review your growth and confidence built along the way. The moment you are able to make a right financial decision for youself and your family without any hesitation, then we know that you are ready to shine!

Our friendly consultant would love to have a quick complimentary conversation, as the time that suits you, answer your questions and see what we can do together!