Our Vision

To create a sustainable financial wellness eco-system to improve quality of life.


When we started UYW Financial Wellness in 2018, we wanted to deliver the most effective solutions to empower people around the world to free themselves from financial stress and live their lives to the fullest! 

What we believe is that building healthy financial requires us to proactively make conscious financial choices that support positive outcomes. During that journey, we may encounter roadblocks, whether internal or external, that may get in the way of achieving the financial resilience we need to withstand all of life’s surprises. We can draw from our strengths to overcome those obstacles, if we know what they are.

That’s why we created tools and trans-formative programs to assist our clients to reach their financial goals and achieve the level of financial well-being they desire. We established a diagnostic evaluation, UYW Financial Wellness report and a simple financial behavior- based tool, UYW Financial Wellness quiz, to help them identify both their roadblocks and their strengths; and we then have our professional financial wellness consultants to step-by-step walk them along the way and hold them accountable through the transformation.

Winnie Chen, CEO and found of UYW Financial Wellness:

Every one of us is born with the right to be happy, and to live the abundant life that we truly desire. Yet so many of us struggle to reach our true potential because of financial stress and worry.

Witnessed firsthand from my own upbringing that financial stress heavily impacted on family and life, I determined to be financially independent and broke through the culture and family trap that I was inherited. 

At 31 years of age, however, due to the business partnership going sour, I was on the brink of bankruptcy and had over US$100k in debt. Instead of spending my time and energy stressing and beating myself up, I decided to redirected them into positive action. With hard work and determination, I developed a set of strategies that not only enabled me to pay off my debt in 18 months but also built up a lump sum as a safety net. This incident told me such a valuable lesson in life and also planted the seed for me to help others improve their lives by better managing their finances, including publishing my 1st book ‘A 21-Day Guide to Financial Happiness’ in Asia.
Since 2012, I have been devoting myself to do just like that! As a certified financial planner, I used my left or logical brain to help customers overcome their financial difficulties. As a Certified Money Coach, I help clients discover their financial behaviors and financial decision-making processes, unlock their limiting beliefs and mindset, and unblock their financial potential to create the positive financial reality they desire.

In 2018, I founded ‘Unblock Your Wealth’ UYW Financial Wel
lness to help clients be aware and make conscious financial choices that lead toward an outcome of optimal financial wellbeing. UYW Financial Wellness has the mission in mind to free people from financial stress and enjoy life again.


Resilience , Persistence, and Believing




Feel free to reach out and take a deeper look into our financial wellness report, webinars, private and group coaching sessions.  All programs are offered online.